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offline cheating is destroying the future

19 Jul

Is Cheating In Offline Examinations Destroying The Future Of India?

Any country’s future is in hands of its youth, its students. Now what if it is told that the very future of a country is tampering with the country’s growth? Examinations are a way to make students focus on education, take it seriously and test themselves time to time to know how much they have

securing question papers

19 Jul

Need of Securing Question Papers

As we talk about progressing India, we can’t deny the fact that students, being the very hope of country, cheat in offline exams. Offline examinations, as previously discussed are meant to test how much one has absorbed rather than pressurizing students to cheat. Cases of cheating are still understandable, but there are a few who

cheating in examinations

19 Jul

Hi-Tech Ways of Cheating in Examination

Cheating in examinations is not as tough as it sounds. While we all enjoy the pros of hi-tech advancements, there are a few cons associated with it as well. All these hi-tech ways can actually help you cheat in examinations. Enlisted below are Hi-Tech ways of cheating in an examination. Earpieces to your rescue: Earpieces