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offline cheating is destroying the future

Any country’s future is in hands of its youth, its students. Now what if it is told that the very future of a country is tampering with the country’s growth?

Examinations are a way to make students focus on education, take it seriously and test themselves time to time to know how much they have learnt over their course in the school/ college. But sadly, majority of students perceive examinations as a means of testing only one’s memory, and prove that the organization still have a monopoly over them. Nothing of that perceptions made by students is true though.

They think they are being pressurized to study, to pass their written tests. When in real, they are only being checked upon and it is a process to turn graphite-like students into diamond-like successful humans.

Some are stuck in the whole process of examinations and studies with the choice made by their guardians or them, and some go for it from their own free will. But irrespective of the examination choices, the subjects, faculty or personal support, students cheat. Now that is one fact which nobody can put a veil upon.

By cheating in an examination, the student might be able to clear the exam for the time being, but what about the knowledge that he never gained? The skills he never could develop? Only and only because the student wasn’t sincere in his studies, the subject, the education process or the examination.

There are various mediums through which India is trying to reflect this very truth that cheating in an offline examination won’t take the student anywhere. Through social media, traditional media, like television, advertisements, through cinema and movies like 3 Idiots only convey one message, that if you aren’t loyal to yourself in an examination, or with your subject/ field of study, you can’t reach a stand you desire to.

Cheating in offline examinations is indeed destroying the very future of our country. If this keeps going on, the future of India will not only be dangerously harmed, but perished in coming times.

Let’s not live for the unfortunate day and start making a difference from this very instance.

The sole reason why doctors are unsuccessful in saving lives, engineers are being bribed, politics being involved in every second thing, religion getting mixed with the concept of terrorism is because most of the population in our country is literate, but not educated. Education gives you wings, it frees you. But if you really want to compromise with the quality and devotion for it, you can go ahead and cheat, pass that examination, be another doctor with a degree and no skills and watch people die as you aren’t educated enough, skilled enough to save them. Because you only mugged a few chapters, cheated in the ones you couldn’t mug up and now, you realize how important was it to imbibe and absorb that education which you chose to just leap over.

At times, the faculty in greed of increasing their university’s/ school’s rank or passing percentile, support students in following this track of pure embarrassment and let them cheat, but hey! Who are you kidding? After all, it’s your conscience that you are answerable to. Such people will only end up scathing the future of the young children who cheat in an offline examination, in hopes that they never would have to deal with the same chapter/ education/ field of study again.

No, we dare not say that future of India is being destroyed by students cheating in offline examinations; instead, it is the present too.

Be driven by passion, not a degree/ qualification.

Show some loyalty and sincerity, not the greed, to pass the examination and becoming successful overnight. Because that doesn’t happen. What happens is the lowering of standards and future of your own country. Have some respect, if not for your country, then for your own conscience!

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