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Security Surveillance By CCTV Videography

Videography Monitoring In Examination

With over 7 years of experience in Videography services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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Videography is being used as a form of record creation and information gathering in the recent times by most government and private organisations for both internal and external purposes. Similar to CCTV surveillance in most functionality, it stands out in that it is mobile and can be used for manually recording important data as and when required.

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Cheating and malpractices during examinations due to lack of adequate surveillance is constantly on the rise. This invokes the need for a solution which constantly monitors and captures every moment before, during and after the examination process. Following are the challenges being faced by examination conducting bodies in current times:

Monitoring and Record-Keeping

Absence of a reliable mechanism which can monitor or record live proceedings at an examination centre leads to defiance of seating plans, increases chances of impersonification and cheating and encourages practice of unfair means by invigilators such as unfair and untimely distribution of question paper and tampering of answer scripts.

No Psychological deterrent

Fierce academic competition and lack of adequate preparation leads the students to indulge in unfair means during examination. Absence of psychological deterrent in such situation is a major reason behind such occurrences. The challenge today is to set up a mechanism which ensures that the students are psychologically discouraged from indulgence in malpractices.

Lack of valid proof

In case of any discrepancy or complaint against the examination-conducting organisations and/or RTIs/PILs being issued, there is no mechanism to defend the allegation and prove it false beyond doubt, as witnesses’ statements might not be taken as a conclusive evidence for the same.

Cost-effective service

Installation of CCTV services can be very expensive and the cost may act as a deterrent for examination conducting bodies, thus leading to a rise in cheating and malpractices both by students and invigilators.

Our Solution

Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. View offers examination-specific videography solutions to institutions who conduct admission and recruitment. Our services are given on rental-basis on a pay-per student model, and are inclusive of cameras, professional videographers and storage devices. The video footages are delivered within 10 days post examinations. Based on the criticality of the examination and budget allocation, the client can specify the services required and Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. shall accordingly customize its offerings.

Our service can be divided into three phases:

Deployment and Installation

Prior to the examination, a site survey is done to analyse the requirement of the client and check the viability of the project. Videography set-up is then installed at strategic locations to minimise blind spots and manpower is employed accordingly to handle each centre.


Recording the activities at every centre which includes individual footage of every student with the admit card; receipt, unsealing and distribution of question papers; footage of supervisors and invigilators; and collection and packing of OMR sheets/answer papers.

Storage and delivery

After the examination, the equipment is uninstalled supervised by the executive allotted, the recordings are sorted out and then sent to the client.


The on-screen marking process is being rapidly adopted in the examination process due to the following benefits:

Recording of unfair events

The crates thaVideography records all proceedings before, during and after examination, thus capturing any unfair events that might otherwise go unnoticed by the invigilators or examination conducting bodies.

Punishing for unfair means

Offenders found indulging in fraudulent practices in the process of examination can be easily identified and appropriate action can be taken.

Proof for legal obligations

There are many legal rules and policies, with respect to infrastructure, man-power, etc., to be followed by organisations which conduct exams. Videography recording can be used as an effective proof to showcase that the organisation was abiding by all the set standards while conducting an examination.

Reputation Management

Videography acts as a valid proof and enables the examination conducting bodies to prove false any counterfeit allegation made by external bodies, thus ensuring that the institute continues to enjoy a positive reputation within the industry.

Quality and Process control

The Videography surveillance also ensures that all processes and protocol are followed pre, during and post the examinations.

Cost Effective Solution

Videography set-up is based on pay-per student rental model and thus is a cost-effective solution to effectively watch through the critical event of examinations.

RTI evidence

Videography surveillance can also be used as evidence against allegations/ charges of mismanagement or unfair practices by external entities.