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cheating in examinations

Cheating in examinations is not as tough as it sounds. While we all enjoy the pros of hi-tech advancements, there are a few cons associated with it as well. All these hi-tech ways can actually help you cheat in examinations. Enlisted below are Hi-Tech ways of cheating in an examination.

  1. Earpieces to your rescue: Earpieces come in all sizes, including spy, nano and digital earpieces. Not much of a risk while getting caught and the reward of the risk equals passing exams. Fair enough a deal? Ah, what irony!

Anyway, you can connect the earpieces to your phone and have your allies help you with your examinations.


  1. iPod in the loo: Yes, you heard that right. Pretty easy a way to get help for your examinations. You can simply store notes in your iPod in form of audio clips and put it some place safe in the loo. Once during the examination, visit your chamber of secrets, get the information you want and pass your test like a boss!


  1. Old is gold: By old is gold method, we mean texting your pals to help you out with the questions. But be warned, that the risk involved in texting and getting help is very high. If your mentor/ invigilator catches you red handed, you are doomed.


  1. Hey there Google! : Oh, yes, googling your answers might get you the most apt ones, but then again, you have to be smart enough to not get caught!


  1. Don’t roll up those sleeves! : What we mean by not rolling up your sleeves is that you can hide cable of your earphone under your sleeve and keep referring to your audio notes in your iPod or phone. This way is only suggested if you can’t afford the earpieces and have no other option left.


  1. Be a note-it-all: Use your smartphones in the smartest way possible. Store your notes in the ‘notes’ folder of your phone and look down upon it as per your convenience! Easy-peasy! But involves equal risk, beware.


  1. Click click method: You must have understood this method by now. Simple it is, click photographs of your notes and save them in your phone gallery. The risk it involves is of medium level.


  1. Wear those cool glasses: High tech sunglasses, if you can afford and get away with the troubles related, can prove to be very useful in cheating your way out in any sort of examinations. Oakley Thump 2 sunglasses are hi-tech and have an MP3 plus 512mb free storage in them. You can upload and record your audio notes prior to your exams and refer to them during your exams!


  1. Apple watch will stand by you: Apple’s watch is none less than a smartphone. It can record, store audio as well as pictures of your notes in it. So when you are checking time, according to the invigilator, you are actually stealing help from the gadget. Now how cool is that, isn’t it?


  1. MP3 Pens: A magical weapon invented to save your souls from examinations! It can record and play audio files, basically. You can connect your MP3 with an earpiece and cheat your way through any examination. All you need is a bit of smartness and attentiveness!


  1. Facebook goes hi-tech: You can simply create a group of the students taking the test and with the help of brains of your fellow mates, one can easily pass their exams. The only key when using this method is stick together as a team. Because if one falls, then so does everyone else!


  1. Invisible Saviour! : You can use invisible ink to ease your pain of examinations. But make it a priority to figure out exactly where you are sitting to write your notes on the desk with invisible ink. All you got to do on the day of the exam is, to throw a pinch of UV light to make the invisible ink fall under visible spectrum and then, you are all the way up to passing your very examination.


So, you see how you can use technology to your benefit. Though, we wouldn’t say it is recommended to cheat in examinations, you still have hi-tech ways supporting you with all the methods this world has to cheat.

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