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Cell Phone Network Jammers

Phone Network Jammers Device

With over 7 years of experience in Jammer services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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Our foremost offering to high-profile clients who value security of processes and sanctity of their critical information is the mobile-signal jamming service on demand. A jammer is an instrument used to prevent cellular phones and other devices from receiving or transmitting signals, thereby rendering ineffective any attempt to communicate with other parties.

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Over 2000 cases of malpractices have been reported in National level exams like UPSC and SSC in the last two years. More than 750 students were expelled in Bihar alone (2015) for resorting to such malpractices in the board examination. Besides the harsh fact that the reputation of educational institutions gets irreversibly tarnished, such incidences also cause them to bear heavy additional expenses on account of re-conducting the examinations.

In recent times, the examination authorities and Police have been able to bust large-scale cheating rackets, which has been helpful in exposing the scale and mode of operations in this sector. Hi-tech gadgets and microscopic size devices are being actively used by the candidates sitting inside the examination hall to effectively communicate with helpers located outside the centre. The communication thus sets a clear path for cheating, where in the person located outside the centre, communicates the answers to the candidate seated within the examination hall. Gadgets commonly used in such cases are mobiles phones, pen scanners, blue-tooth earpieces, spy cameras, radio transmitters, smart watches, scientific calculators embedded with display screens, etc.

A commonly adopted routine for cheating is demonstrated below:

Step 1

A hidden camera-cum-scanning device is equipped with a clickable button on it, which when clicked, scans the question paper or the question on-screen (in case of an online examination).

Step 2

The scanned document is then transferred to the student’s phone through a wireless-transmitter which is concealed within student’s clothing. The phone then sends this data to an individual located outside the examination hall.

Step 3

The individual, who receives the question paper through the student’s phone, has reinforcements in the form of helpers, who provide the answers to the questions as soon as possible.

Step 4

Once the question paper is solved, the said individual calls on the student’s phone (which is already on auto-answer mode). Once the phone is answered, the answers are dictated to the student. This is done with the help of an ultra-small Bluetooth earpiece, which is connected to the student’s mobile phone. The earpiece matches with the skin color and thus works as a camouflage.

Following are the challenges faced by an examination conducting body on account of the above mentioned technique:
The challenge is to restrict usage of such high-tech gadgets in examination centres through a robust and effective solution

Size and type of gadgets

With technology taking a massive leap in the recent years, more and more high-tech microscopic gadgets have been introduced to facilitate students in cheating during examination. The size and nature of such gadgets often make them easy to sneak in within examination centres despite strict surveillance.

Lack of fool-proof mechanism

There are no fool-proof techniques that can effectively prevent students from using advanced technologies to attempt cheating in online and offline examinations.

Inefficiency in current processes

Given the scale of examinations in current scenario, processes like frisking and RF detecting devices, which are largely used to curb malpractices, are inefficient in terms of costs incurred and results derived. Cheating, which has taken the form of an organized crime, has become a major concern for examination boards across India.

Our Solution

Since 2010, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. View has been providing mobile-signal jamming solutions to various bodies conducting examinations in the country, on a rental basis. With an increasing number of new technologies and gadgets being developed for the purpose of cheating, our service proves instrumental in blocking signals of various frequencies. Low range jammers, that can only jam signals in the classrooms, are used in the process to effectively disable cellular phones, Wi-Fi, Spy Cameras, Bluetooth, etc.

With over 15,000 jammers in our inventory, we can now cater to a formidable 1 million candidates per shift (PAN India). Our Plug-and-play model, which requires the device to be simply plugged into the power source to become functional, makes our service extremely easy to implement. We enable communications across all frequencies to be restricted/jammed through a single button on our device.

Our service can be divided into three phases:

Deployment and Installation

Our engineers visit the examination centre prior to examination day to ascertain the need of jamming solution based on client’s requirement followed by installation of jammers at specific locations to create highest impact.

Implementation and Monitoring

The jammers are made functional on the examination day to restrict communication through gadgets and devices within the classrooms and their performance is constantly monitored through the duration of examination by Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. support staff located at the venue.

Removal and Transportation

Post examination, the jamming devices are uninstalled from the examination centre and transported back to Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. office/warehouse.


Jammers have been highly beneficial in curbing usage of high-tech devices during examination procedures for the purpose of cheating. Following are the benefits of this solution:

Wide network coverage

With a wide coverage of mobile frequencies and network operators, the jamming devices can block all signals (2G/GSM, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) in a specified frequency range for the duration of exams, effectively negating any chance of copying by means of digital and other technologies

Assured security layer

Jammers acts as a conclusive solution to prevent malpractices during examination by restricting any attempt to cheat by use of gadgets which evaded other security checks.

Cost-efficient technique

By negating chances of cheating, jammers save the institute from exercising the painful and expensive process of re-conducting examinations, thus saving them from incurring heavy costs.