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securing question papers

As we talk about progressing India, we can’t deny the fact that students, being the very hope of country, cheat in offline exams. Offline examinations, as previously discussed are meant to test how much one has absorbed rather than pressurizing students to cheat. Cases of cheating are still understandable, but there are a few who are reckless enough to leak the examination paper, in order to know the questions prior to the exam. So the ones taking the track, can prepare, mug up things and finally better their result. To secure the question paper from people, including desperate students, or any other outsiders, one needs to put question papers in a safe place, secure them in order to save the future of students as well as the country.

It takes a lot of money for government to re-conduct the exam, to set the paper again because of cheating cases or due to leak of question papers. It is not only troublesome for the faculty and government/ examiners but also the students who need to give the exam the second time, while it is being re-conducted. And as it is said, prevention is always better than cure, the need of the hour demands the security of question paper!

CCTV is one basic step towards keeping the papers safe, while making and securing the question papers, recording should be done. CCTVs are a must and constant step in order to strengthen the security of question papers and to prevent them from getting leaked. The CCTV should be monitored in shifts and should be kept under check 24×7, till the examination gets over without any troubles.

There are loopholes in any organization, so one should keep in check that the faculty is being treated and paid justly, it needs to be done in order for them to feel secured with the pay they get and prevent them to leak question papers for any amount of money or token!

In one of the recent mishaps, Army examination question paper was leaked lately, yet another incident due to which a re-examination needs to be conducted, ending up disturbing the economy of the country, and destabilizing the balance of the organization!

Also, some precautions which need to be taken include, NOT scanning the question papers, as scanning the papers would only allow the hacker to play its role and hack through your system to leak the papers further! Even in era of digitization and modern technology, there are a few things which should stay in papers and not on any sorts of technology.

While handling the papers and contemplating where to find a good place, make sure you keep them only at one location and not scattered, keep them safe, and do not throw other clutters where you have kept the papers for the upcoming examination.

Even Kenya has recently introduced new measures to keep the papers safe. The measures in Kenya include water bar codes to detect if their copies have been made, establishing a high level Education Ministry team, storage houses that are guarded with utmost security etc.

Sometimes, a show of power is a must for a government to make its citizens fall in line have belief in the system, be it politics or the education system itself. No chances should be taken when it comes to future of the students and economy of the country. There’s a need of securing question papers not letting them leak, at least not anymore.

Before the cases of leakage increases, we, as a country, need to take measures to secure question papers! And to put back the faith of students and citizens in education system and to put India in educated, skilled hands, something needs to be done. The sooner we take an action, the sooner everything falls in place!

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