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Aadhar Biometric Equipment Services

With over 7 years of experience in Aadhar Biometric Equipment services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovativew India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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Biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Biometric identification systems are based on the principle that all individuals have some unique individual characteristics like finger prints, retina and iris impression, facial features, DNA and palm veins. Biometric verification is by far the undisputed way to authenticate the identity of individuals. The service provides a great alternative to remembering passwords, attendance-keeping and avoiding impersonation.

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The need of biometric identification and verification in the field of examinations is much higher than earlier times for the following causes:


It has been a form of malpractice plaguing the field of education and examination services since the very beginning. Before more modern forms of administering exams fairly were introduced, it was very common to have another individual who was more qualified or better prepared take the exam in place of the actual candidate. This led to a large number of fraud candidates being shortlisted and selected in these examinations, while more deserving candidates were left behind.

Low efficiency in manual process

With the ever-increasing number of students undergoing examinations, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain their data and records manually, thus enhancing the chance of errors. Since the attendance sheets are stored in physical format, they are exposed to a higher threat of being misplaced or destroyed.

Inadequate database systems

The database of students undertaking the examination, if prepared and maintained manually, can contain errors, miss recording important information or get misplaced.

Our solution

To curb the challenges as stated above, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd provides robust biometric identification and authentication solutions which uses Finger-print and Iris scanning technology. Our expertise in biometric services coupled with our vast experience of serving reputed clientele towards this end, has been instrumental in boosting our capacity exceedingly. Today, our inventory of over 6000 biometric devices can cater to a formidable 1 million candidates per shift (pan India).

The system consists of three components which are as follows:

A scanning device with:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Iris scanner
  • 8 megapixel camera

Software to compare and match scanned data also uploading the data at real time

Aadhaar database

Based on the above components, identification and verification of a candidate is done in these simple steps, in two ways (Aadhaar and Non-Aadhaar):

Our service can be divided into three phases:

Capture and Match data (phase 1):

Verifying candidate by comparing his/her current prints with the central Aadhaar database; in case Aadhaar is not present, capture and store candidate’s finger prints and image against roll number in the local database.

Capture and Match data (phase 2):

In subsequent stages, authentication of candidate is done by again matching his/her prints with Aadhaar database, else matching with previously captured prints.

KYC Handover (phase 3):

If the candidate is verified using Central Aadhaar database, a detailed KYC of the candidate is handed over to the client. This in turn is used to verify candidate details as submitted in the application.


The application of Biometric has proved to be one of the most accepted solutions adopted by Educational organisations due to its human characteristic aspects. Using biometric in examination has been made convenient to curb malpractices during an event. Below are a few benefits of using Biometrics solution during examination:

Impersonation control

Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd is amongst the few organizations that have the authority to verify data from the central Aadhaar database. The biometrics process is thus relatively fool-proof than any other identification mechanisms and is also easier to administer. It ensures accurate identification and higher accountability in the examination process.

Attendance recording

Biometric identification automates the attendance process, thus decreasing manual efforts by faculty/invigilators and preventing proxy-attendance marking. In the long run, this is time-saving and also results in a higher ROI.

Database maintenance and back-up

The database created through Biometric identification process is reliable, error-free and consistent. It also eliminates the challenge manual error and of physical data sheets being misplaced or destroyed. Most importantly, digitization of database increases its scalability.

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