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OMR Sheet Printing & Scanning

With over 7 years of experience in Scanning & Printing OMR services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovativew India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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End-to-end OMR Printing and Scanning Solutions: which includes printing of scripts and scanning of answered scripts are offered to clients who wish to conduct examinations in this format.

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OMR technology is fast replacing manual checking of answer sheets due to the following challenges faced by examination conducting institutes and all its stakeholders:

Inefficiency and lack of accuracy

Manual intervention while checking and marking examination answer sheets is a tedious process often prone to errors. Such inaccuracy is inescapable and proves detrimental for student’s academic and professional progress.

Susceptible to personal bias

Since the sole-decision to evaluate an answer sheet lies with the examiner, the marks allotted are sensitive to personal bias and animosity, and can directly impact student’s performance in terms of grades and score cards.

Our Solution

Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd provides specialised services in facilitating on-screen marking to educational institutions. The technology and service makes the process of assessment more transparent and efficient

With associates in over 200 cities across the country, we have the capacity of executing orders with up to 1.5 crore answer-scripts within a 1 months’ timeline. Based on the time-frame of the client, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd facilitates timely on-screen assessment services within the allotted premises. Our solutions are customized as per client’s requirement, who can specify if the scripts should be assessed by more than one individual and/or re-assessed in certain cases (for example: if the score allotted is over 90% of the total score).

Our service can be divided into four phases

Evaluation and Suggestion

Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd discusses client’s requirements and makes relevant suggestions with regards to components and layout of answer scripts to facilitate seamless on-screen marking services.

Scanning and Hosting

On receipt of answer scripts at designated centres, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd shall scan and host such answer scripts on the servers.

Training and Supervising

Prior to evaluation, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd shall train the evaluators at each evaluation-centre about the software and on-screen evaluation mechanism and its trained executives shall supervise the entire on-screen evaluation process. In case re-evaluation of particular answer sheets are required (as per specified conditions); the same shall be informed to head invigilators.

Report Card Generation

Post completion of the evaluation process, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd shall generate scores of each candidate against his/her details. It can also generate individual score cards, if so required by the client.


OMR technology has been of great use in this sector and has saved the examination industry from various malpractices and inaccuracy. Following are the exhaustive list of benefits:

100% accurate and fool-proof technique

Since this solution eliminates manual intervention in evaluation of answer scripts, it serves as an absolute technique leading to multi-fold enhancement in accuracy.

Minimized fraudulent activities

Personal bias no longer serves as a factor post implementation of this technique, thus helping in minimizing fraudulent activities such as tampering of answer sheets.

Enhanced time and cost efficiency

Automation of the evaluation process ensures time is saved and also proves to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Improved scalability

The technique enhances scalability in terms of evaluation and result generation at no extra cost by removal of manpower requirement from the entire process.

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