Innovatiview is an assemblage of fledgling, smart and fervent people who are ardently working on reforming the way exams are conducted. We are improving the examination industry with our innovative ideas, helping not just the candidate but the nation as a whole. Having provided our services in various projects and to millions of students, we are armed with best in class solutions and constantly striving for betterment.

Examination Security

Ensuring the security and integrity of any examination is the goal of all educational/recruitment bodies. Inopportunely, there are many internal and external factors which can potentially endanger the security and integrity of any examination program, and even the reputation of the organization itself.
Our services minimize such risks and thus establish a comprehensive loss prevention strategy.

Auditing Services

Our IT, Power and Infrastructure Audit Services perform baseline measurements and give critical decision making information about capacity of Network, Power and Infrastructure.

Sales & Support

Our signal jammers are latest in wireless technology and are successful in prison and defence applications. Signal enhancers on the contrary boost the signals in multi floor complexes, underground facilities, tunnels and many deep infested areas.

Students Secured

Examination Boards Onboard

Cities Covered

Years in Business

Happy Clients

We Don't Build In Order To Have Clients,
We Have Clients In Order To Build !



"Innovatiview's excellent service is a perfect solution to Hi- tech cheating."



"No technical cheating till this day as it has been 3 years now, what else should I say!"



"Fear of selecting inappropriate candidates was removed by Innovatiview services."



"After AIPMT case, we're unaware whom to approach for re-conducting this exam in a fair way, But Innovatiview helped us in solving this dilemma."

Adventure Trips

Balancing Work and Fun. Unique environment where work remains priority alongwith entertainment.

Fun N' Frolic

Celebration is another word for living and we celebrate each moment with our people.

Rewards & Recognition

Teams are our most valuable assets and rewards are least we can do to recognize and appreciate their efforts.


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