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Product & Services

Center Audit

Auditing Services provide a complete review of infrastructure, power and network facilities on-ground, to identify defects and provide recommendations targeted at making the examination process fraud-free, transparent and convenient.

Network Jamming

Our foremost offering to high-profile clients who value security of processes and sanctity of their critical information is the mobile-signal jamming service on demand.

Surveillance - CCTV

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) – compromising of video cameras to transmit signal to a limited set of monitors, is widely used for video surveillance and security purposes.

Impersonation Control - Biometric

Biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics.Biometric identification systems are based on the principle that all individuals have some unique individual characteristics.

Monitoring Assets - GPS

The iLock service is incorporated with a GPS-enabled high-security padlock which is used for safeguarding the assets, providing real-time tracking of location and alerting in case of any breach.

Surveillance - Videography

Videography is being used as a form of record creation and information gathering in the recent times by most government and private organisations.

On Screen Marking

In the age of digital technology, paper-less procedures are being adopted in most, if not all, fields to peruse, verify and collate documents of importance.

Scanning & Printing OMR

Optical-mark-reading (OMR) is the technology that allows a document to be scanned in order to identify specific markings made on it and gather information based on them.

Power Backup Gensets

In a world increasingly dependent on power and connectivity, generators are being used as back-up against power shortages/outages, to ensure uninterrupted supply.

Why Choose US

examinations service provider India

Pan India Presence

Having served public and private clients in multiple centres across more than 300 cities, thus we have established a powerful presence in more than 22 states across the country.
pay for examinations services

Pay Per Use Model

Clients can outsource the required services from us on need-basis and pay per student for each service availed, thus minimizing and standardizing their costs and also maintaining zero inventory.

Network of Associates

Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. has established a reliable resource network by tying up with over 9,000 Aadhaar and Police-verified associates & enterprises, which helps in meeting the temporary man-power requirement that varies from one project to another.
expertise in varied examination ancillary services

7 Years of Experience

Over the years, we have built our expertise in varied examination ancillary services and have catered to several national organizations, state and central examination boards and recruitment bodies.


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