How We Started !

Innovatiview was founded in 2010 by alumni of DCE who just wanted to do something BIG, Something that will touch the life of millions and benefit them in some way.
Contemplating over a cup of tea and Maggi noodles, they saw the news of the then recent scandal in one of the examinations in which students were caught using minute mobile sets in entrance exam and thus the exam was cancelled.
Having done the final year project in similar domain, they thought they might have a solution for the problem. Pitching the same in their own college they found the solution well accepted. They “innovated” a business model. The result was the birth of “Innovatiview”.
As any other startup, they faced initial challenges but things started falling into place eventually. Gathering a team of young, passion-driven and enthusiastic people (about 50 + now) the service became very popular among the whole examination industry. Solving a huge pain area of examination conducting boards, most of the top notch boards have accepted the service open heartedly.
With the aim of securing the examinations overall, Innovatiview added more services like video recording of the examinations, biometric attendance and others. Moreover for improving the quality standards of the examination centres we also started the services of auditing the centres as per predefined parameters ensuring Power, Network and Infrastructure criterions being met.

What We Do

We are examination services provider focused on our mission of improving the examination industry overall. We control the quality of the examination center by our auditing services, making sure all compliances are met and secure the examination by our services like mobile jamming, CCTV recording, biometric attendance, frisking. Our team is working hard on making the services better.
Our services not only help bring justice to students but also benefit the nation as a whole by placing the right person at the post.

Meet the Team