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Examination Center Audit Service

With over 7 years of experience in examintation centre audit services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovativew India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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Auditing Services provide a complete review of infrastructure, power and network facilities on-ground, to identify defects and provide recommendations targeted at making the examination process fraud-free, transparent and convenient.
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The need of biometric identification and verification in the field of examinations is much higher than earlier times for the following causes

Lack of Audit regulations

There is no formal authority in place that defines and/or directs organisations which are involved in conducting examinations. This has resulted in absence of standard infrastructure and procedures to be followed by such organizations within the exam centres, either online or offline. This gap thus undermines the need to develop standardized and flawless processes in this sector.

Lack of 3rd party correction mechanism

While financial and processbased audits are commonly seen in other industries, the education and allied sectors have not seen much advancement in this field. Third party corrective mechanisms ensure organisations do not loosen their efforts towards conducting examinations in a fair and well-defined manner.

Our Solution

New centre audit

Involves auditing of infrastructure and other facilities of a newly constructed/leased location meant for the purpose of conducting examinations.

Centre re-audit

This kind of audit is conducted bi-annually for centres that are currently being utilized for the purpose of conducting examinations. This mainly involves verification of the network and checking of power and general infrastructure to confirm if it is up to the mark for the said examinations.


In the examination, Network and Power Infrastructure Auditing services are provided to check whether the compliances are being met for efficient conduction of examinations at the examination venue. Below are a few benefits of auditing service during examination:

Disturbance-free process for candidates

The responsibility of working out possible distraction in the current infrastructure that may hinder the examination process from being conducted effortlessly. The responsibility of checking the entire infrastructure lies with Innovatiview, in charge of thorough audit of the examination centre. The candidate or the staff need not worry about missing on anything in terms of set up.

Eliminates chance of disruptions caused due to power/network issues

Auditing ensures that the examination centre has the facility of power back up in form of Diesel Generator or UPS. Auditing will ensure that this gap is looked upon to eliminate any possibility of being affected by power cut by ensuring current infrastructure has been highlighted for upgradation.

Highlights any gaps in infrastructure to the administration authorities

The end of project report is sent to the Client marking all the loopholes in the existing infrastructure at which the examination is to be held. This is beneficial in identifying whether the examination venue adhere to the standards issued by the examination body.

Targeted action plan gets generated as per the contract

All the points are marked in the end of project report which is then handed over to the client for improvement purposes. The examination body is then able to improve its infrastructure against the guidelines provided for the conduction of examinations as per its expectation.