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Frisking Services By Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors For Frisking

With over 7 years of experience in Frisking Services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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Frisking involves search of a person's outer clothing wherein a person runs his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed gadgets or material that is not permitted in a specific premises. Sometimes frisking makes use of portable metal detectors for close observation of the body. Frisking is the most commonly used mechanism in most fields to prevent and detect illegal smuggling of harmful objects into a place, with intent to disrupt the regular activity.

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Smuggling of high tech devices

Digitalization of gadgets has helped many candidates to successfully sneak their high tech gadgets and carry them inside the examination venue. The size and appearance of such devices, for instance; hairpin, pen scanner, etc., makes them easy to carry without being detected or traced by the invigilators. The need for robust frisking methods thus arises to ensure removal of such devices at the entrance.

No Psychological deterrent

Fierce academic competition and lack of adequate preparation leads the students to indulge in unfair means such as formulation of chits during examination. Absence of psychological deterrent in such situation is a major reason behind such occurrences. The challenge today is to set up a mechanism which ensures that the students are psychologically discouraged from indulgence in malpractices.

Our Solution

Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. provides complete frisking solution to examination conducting bodies to eliminate cheating and usage of high-tech gadgets inside the examination venue. Depending upon the client’s specific requirements, nature of examination and budget constraints, we offer varied frisking solutions which are as follows:


(Hand-Held metal detectors)
This is for detecting electronic gadgets (PAN India service on rental basis)


(Door-frame metal detector)

Manual frisking services

In the form of government authorized male and female security personnel (Frisking of female candidates will be done separately in an enclosed space provided by Innovativew Pvt. Ltd.).

Our services can be divided into three phases:

Deployment of manpower and detectors

Detailed requirement is discussed with the client prior to the examination and adequate manpower and frisking devices are deployed at all entrances to the examination venue at least two hours before the examination.

Frisking of students

The security personnel thoroughly frisk the bodies, clothes, wallets and other belongings of all students to detect presence of any chits, devices or high-tech gadgets to eliminate any scope of cheating.

Detection of defaulter

In case any student is caught carrying chits or devices, such information is immediately passed on to the examination conducting body for suitable action.


Frisking has been greatly beneficial in the sphere of examination and has proved instrumental in helping the examination conducting bodies carry out the examination process in a fair manner. An exhaustive list of benefits of frisking is mentioned below:

Curbs cheating and malpractices

Frisking activity results in early detection of chits and/or hidden gadgets at the entrance of the venue, thus reducing the chances of cheating during the examination and enabling a fair examination process.

Facilitates organized entry

Frisking process requires every student to pass through the entrance to the venue in an organized manner, thus enabling mess-free entry to the examination hall.

Psychological deterrent

It invokes a fear of getting caught amongst students and deters them from adopting fraudulent practices during examination.

Punishment for unfair practices

Frisking enables detection of defaulters thus enabling the examination conducting bodies and other relevant authorities to take suitable punitive action against such students.

Cost effective solution

With minimal manpower requirement, frisking is a cost-effective solution that also adds a reliable security layer in the process of conducting examinations.