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Generators For Examination Centers

Portable Diesel Generators

With over 7 years of experience in Power Genset services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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In a world increasingly dependent on power and connectivity, generators are being used as back-up against power shortages/outages, to ensure uninterrupted supply. Since power outages are still common in most parts of the country, more so during the summer months, generators provide relief by powering appliances for short durations, according to their capacity. Diesel generators are the most commonplace and practical among the gen-sets used, and they can either mobile or static. Depending on the application, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. provides diesel gen-set services on rental basis for different clients.

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Despite infrastructure advances, India still suffers from random power supply with intermittent power cuts being the order of the day in most of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Conducting examinations across various centres spread across the country is impossible in such a scenario without adequate power back-up solution.

Unreliable Power supply

Examinations are a critical event and disruption in power supply caused due to unreliable power backup solution can interrupt or stop examination procedure and create panic among the students. This might also lead to serious complaints against the examination conducting bodies.

Lack of power supply

Some examination centres do not have adequate power supply/facility as required to conduct the examinations. This may be on account of poor infrastructure or a temporary disruption in power supply. In such cases, a source of incessant power supply becomes essential for the exam be conducted seamlessly.

Our Solution

With various organizations conducting all-India exams through multiple centres in diverse towns and cities across the country, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. can be your ideal choice for robust power back-up solution. Backed by its well-connected network of vendors and warehouses, we have the ability to provide power back-up to more than 3000 centres at once. We take pride in our expertise in this sphere and the ability to support various national level institutions in smooth conduct of the exams, both online and offline.

Depending upon the client’s specific requirements, nature of examination and budget constraints, we offer varied generators which are as follows:

Static Diesel Generator

This is used as a source for primary power generation in examination centres that lack power supply. One DG is deployed in each centre in accordance to the client’s requirement.

Mobile Diesel Generator

This is used as a power back-up solution and client can choose to deploy one mobile DG between 4-5 centres located within close distance. The centre facing power-outage can utilize it as and when required.

Our specialists are adept at suggesting the best option that shall ensure uninterrupted power supply throughout the exam duration. In case the generator is to be used as a shared power back-up source amongst several nearby centres, it can be made mobile by attaching it to a vehicle, thus allowing easy transportation.

The cost of deploying a gen-set is broken into two elements - the fixed cost of renting the DG and a variable cost of running the DG (usually charged on an hourly basis).

Our service can be divided into three phases:

Site visit and need-analysis

Prior to the examination, members from Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd. shall visit and conduct site survey for detailed analysis and feasibility check. Requirements are discussed with client in details and need for primary or back-up power solution is ascertained.

Transportation & implementation

The gen-sets are transported to examination centres and arrangements made for smooth implementation and maintenance. In order to safeguard the examination centre against any technical glitches faced while using the generator, a trained technician is deployed at the venue.

Removal and winding-up

Once the need for the gen-set(s) at the examination centre(s) gets fulfilled, it is uninstalled and transported back to warehouse under the supervision of a trained employee.


Use of Diesel Generator in Examination has made the examination process smooth and easier for the examination conducting bodies. This is due to its ability to provide the back- up that these boards require. Below are a few benefits of using Diesel Generators during examination:

Uninterrupted power supply

The Diesel Generators act as a trusted power back-up solution during examination, which, in case of power cuts, are impossible to conduct in the absence of UPS. They also serve as a source of primary power supply in areas that suffer frequent power cuts or in remote areas with sparse power supply. Thus the examinations are conducted smoothly without any interruptions.

Mobile and cost-effective

The mobile DG’s can efficiently be managed and used between multiple nearby centres and thus they prove to be both robust and a cost-effective power back-up solution.

Noise free solution

Silent diesel gen-sets, usually preferred while conducting an examination, come with a robust sound protection enclosure system which ensures that the examination process is conducted within a peaceful and noise-free environment.