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Documents Monitoring Via GPS Lock

Asset Monitoring Through GPS System

With over 7 years of experience in GPS Lock Services we have helped examination bodies to find Innovativew India Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive solution to their difficulties.

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GPS lock service is a modern-day security feature which is being actively used across diverse spheres to ensure that documents, cash and similar assets are protected from being stolen/damaged from/at a particular location or while in transit. Any breach of security is immediately communicated to the centralized server along with the exact location of the lock. The GPS Lock service is incorporated with a GPS-enabled high-security padlock, which is effectively used for safeguarding the assets, providing real-time tracking of location and giving timely alert in case of any breach. The device connects to a centralized server, thus establishing a communication between it and connected devices like mobile sets and/or PC’s. Its key features include GPS capabilities, cellular communication, impact indicator and light sensor (optional). The device also offers an additional feature by virtue of which one can opt for ‘specifying a time range’ in the software configuration and flagging of the alerts accordingly.

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The challenges in examination procedures are no longer confined to cheating by candidates or adoption of malpractices during the examinations. The challenges today in this sector also involves breach of security while the question papers and OMR sheets/answer scripts are in transit or the fear of them being stolen from a particular storage location. The problems to be addressed includes:

Absence of robust security solution

The question papers and answer scripts are prone to leakage and tampering respectively due to lack of a robust security solution that is capable enough to protect such vital examination documents from interception and being stolen.

Lack of automation

Crucial exam-related documents change hands at various points during transit making them vulnerable and susceptible to damage and tampering. High dependency on manual intervention largely interferes with the security of such documents.

Delayed alerts and actions

Lack of insta-alert mechanism and delayed information to examination conducting bodies with regards to any breach in security of examination documents compromises with their safety and invokes delayed action from relevant authorities, long after the damage is done.

Our solution

Innovatiview provides GPS tracking devices on a ‘pay-per-use model’ to educational institutions for enhanced security of their processes. Our service ensures that the question papers are monitored and tracked at all times and any breach is immediately notified. This service finds application in secured locking of the case which contains the question papers and ensuring its safe transportation to requisite locations. In case of tampering of any sort, the same is immediately notified to the control room through an insta-alert, with details about the kind of breach and the location coordinates of the crate. This provides enough time to the educational institution to mobilize its security arrangements. A variety of alerts can be defined by the client, depending upon the nature of the exam and its criticality.

Our service is the amalgamation of two robust innovations to provide complete security against breaches:

Tamper evident cratesn

The examination documents are placed in these crates for secured storage and transit purposes. The crates are made of tough substance which makes them difficult to break. As a security feature, they are seam welded from inside, by virtue of which clear marks of tampering comes to instant notice, in case such event occurs.

GPS tracking and cellular communication enabled padlocks

This device is embedded with GPS capabilities and the lock is made of high-grade hardened boron carbon with an irreproducible key for enhanced protection and durability. The device communicates the exact location coordinates through email and SMS alerts on your mobile phones while the documents are in transit or when stationary. It also provides accurate lock status and notifies the control room immediately in case of lock opening/closing/repositioning/moving into or out of a predefined geographical area/impact/tampering, etc.

Our GPS services can be divided in three phases:

Securing documents within crates

As per client’s specific needs, Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd initiates the process of securing the examination documents within crates from the location as mentioned by the examination conducting bodies. These crates are then locked and GPS technology is activated to track their location and status.

Loading and Dispatch

Once the documents are sealed in the crate, they are loaded in the delivery vehicle and dispatched in a secured manner under supervision of Innovatiview India Pvt. Ltd official.


While in transit, the crates are carefully tracked and monitored for any breach in security, till they are unloaded at a pre-defined destination and claimed by authorized personnel.


Our GPS services act as high-tech solution for secured storage and transit of important examination documents and have proved instrumental in protecting them from physical damage, tampering or being stolen. Following are a few benefits of our services:

Robust and tamper-evident crates

The crates that contain examination documents are made of tough substances while the lock is made of high-grade hardened boron carbon with an irreproducible key. The crates are seam-welded from the inside and any tampering/cutting of metal therefore leaves a clear trace on them. The impact indicator additionally indicates break-in attempts, thus acting as a sure-shot alert mechanism for examination conducting bodies.

Tailor-made solution

The GPS software can be customized and configured to give time and event specific alerts, based on clients needs. The event generator also allows one to monitor a combination of multiple padlocks in parallel or sequentially thus enabling broad usage of the application, depending on specific needs.

Real time alerts

The solution communicates the lock’s status through text or email alerts for various actions that warrants client’s attention, thereby creating a real-time data system with minimal monitoring efforts.

24*7 Remote monitoring

The examination conducting bodies can locate the crates and receive alerts on the lock status anytime, anywhere through its remote location feature, thus eliminating time gap and combating geographical boundaries.

Time and cost efficient

Elimination of manual intervention makes GPS service a cost effective solution and its real-time tracking and remote monitoring capabilities helps the examination conducting bodies save their time.

Cellular enabled technology

The solution supports multiple platforms and can produce alerts on device of your choice – mobile, tablets or computer.

Eliminates need for external power

The lock is a battery operated device, thus eliminating the need for external power for operational usage. It also gives low-battery alerts for change of battery at an appropriate time.

Multi-functional support

The solution support a wide range of map providers including Google Maps, Open Street Maps, Bing, etc. It also acts as a multi-language interface which supports 32 languages.