We encourage our team in participating in our planning and decision making and believe that our team are our best assets. We try to ensure a healthy atmosphere for the people to think openly.

We value needs, interests and expectations of our team and do our best to offer opportunities to help them grow not just in career but as an individual too.

Innovatiview is working on solving huge pain areas of the examination industry, with services one of it's kind. We are known for our excellent and innovative ways of finding solutions. We are marching ahead focused on our goal and are confident will reform the way exam have been conducted till now.

If you are Young, Passionate and have ideas for us and didn't find a position for you, you may still apply. Its always good to have good talented people around us and we will find a way to get you aboard.

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Manager - Business Development
Leading efforts to establish and retain business growth opportunities. Primarily obtaining new clients and fostering business relationships.
- Liaising with government officials and establish a good working relationship with various    department and bureaucrats.
- To initiate processes for change in Laws/ process / regulations to enable industry.
- Generating New Business and New Account alliances and Relationships.
- Enhancing the Organizational effectiveness through appropriate Marketing Strategies.

Key Client Manager - Business Development
Maintains customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving resources; and developing new business in another LOB with same or new client.
- Client managers serve as liaisons between a company and its clients, ensuring excellent   customer service and client satisfaction. They are also responsible for managing client relationships, developing account plans, and delivering proposals.
- Client managers are responsible for maintaining and developing client-business    relationships. The work of the client manager can help make the public more aware of the business and bring in revenue. Client managers must have a strong understanding of their    company's products or services and knowledge of their competition. They must be ready to develop creative solutions for existing clients, as well as pursue new clientele opportunities.

Associate - Business Development
Builds market position by locating, developing, and closing business relationships.
- Identification & Segregation of Potential Market Segments.
- Generating New Business and New Account alliances and Relationships.
- Drafting and issuance of project proposals, RFPs, tenders, budgets, Payments follow-up,    cash flows and preliminary schedules.
- Getting equipped with Market Intelligence within the industry in terms of Market    Development, New Projects, Competitive Activity, New Customers, etc.

Public Relations Officer - Business Development
To build and sustain good relationships between the employing organization and its clients through planned publicity campaigns and PR activities.
- Public relations specialists act as liaisons between their employer or client and the public. They establish and maintain good-natured, cooperative relationships with the news media, client, the government, local communities and other public-interest groups. - Prepare or edit organizational publications for internal and external audiences. - Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, client, employee, and public interest groups. - Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase product and service awareness and to promote goodwill.

Associate - Sales
Serves customers by selling products, meeting customer needs.
- Understands business implications of decisions and displays orientation to profitability.
- Demonstrates knowledge of market and competition and aligns work with strategic goals.
- Actively prospects and acquires new accounts.
- Producing innovative ideas and sales strategies to meet objectives.
- Develop and increase business by following up on potential leads with face to face    presentation and meetings with clients and providing them the utmost customer service.

Deputy General Manager - Operations
Plan, direct and coordinate the operations of the primary business of Innovatiview which deals in conduction of several State/ National level examinations conducted by Government/ Autonomous body. Plan and maintain systems and procedures for operating efficiency. Manage staff for optimum performance review performance data (financial, sales and activity reports) to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels.
- Coordinate business operations - Work directly with important clients - Develop business strategies and goals - Evaluate current processes and systems - Regulatory compliance - Supervise other managers and staff _ Represent company in relevant professional organizations - Hire and train new staff - Develop staff to maximize potential - Follow and enforce company policies and procedures - Develop and oversee operating budget